1st WEEKEND - CAMPUS of the Festival Mare di Musica 2019 - GROUP Registration

The registration fee for 8th and 9th June 2019 is Euro 50.00 for each members and includes:

Overnight in apartment at the \”Ancora\” Camping in Porto Garibaldi, beach with umbrella and sunbeds, breakfast (coffee / cappuccino and brioche), lunch (first and second + drink), boat trip to the Comacchio Valleys for Sunday 9 June, base backline on each stage, promotion and visibility on the site and on the social media channels of the Festival, welcome kit and RCT insurance.

This is the online form for the registration at the 1° weekend of the Festival Mare di Musica 2019; this is your only way to confirm your presence and book your school and group to the Festival.

After sending, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a summary of the data entered and then all the updated news related to the programming of the Festival.

Music School info\'s
Indicate \"INDEPENDENT GROUP\" if you participate in the Festival independently.
Group\'s Leader anagrafic
Group Informations
Please upload here your band photo be sure your file is 1080 x 1080 pixel - at least 200 dpi png/jpg allowed
Please upload here a .doc file wich include : - Band presentation - School Presentation - every link you want to give to us to share (facebook, instagram, youtube channel, soundcloud, spotify...)
Booking Period (to confirm the overnight)
Information or requests
Please note that MUSIC STANDS, MUSIC KEYBOARDS, AMPLIFIERS and any other equipment is the sole responsibility of the group.
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The registration is valid only if you pay for each member

The payment must be headed to:

Theremin Srl Impresa Sociale

IBAN: IT40X0538713004000003054296

Reason for the transfer: Mare di Musica 2019 - 1° Weekend + Your School Name & Group Name

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